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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TOnight have to Report for duty to CapetOwn...
looKING forwrd to go to the safari...
heard was damn nice.
hopefully when come back to singapore my flue will hv been revocer.

8:02 PM; undramatically.Y

WooTS i am back frm osaka ladies and gentalment..xD(soory for the delay actualy was back 4 days ago n tomorrow will be leaving to capetown.. hehe)

Is a super duper nice flight to do sia!!!

The first day we touch down we went to one ramen shop oppostie our hotel hmm cant realy remember the shop name nwyays the black pork was like super duper nice ok..(ps forgot bring camera so no pic..) nywyas we went on do our short grocery shopping and buy water... THn during the midnight time i call my 2 crew to go out and have supper..

Just for your info,, Japan is a country u must eat 24/7 if u are on holiday.. the food are super duper nice eventhough i been there so many times. i still will eat none stop at japan... gosh hope din gain unnessary weight...

nwyays on the 2nd day me, betty and one more crew went to the osaka aquirium(gosh forgot her name sry). it was a fun place to visit and there was like so many student tre k!!!! DAMN NOSIY!!!..xD
(on my way to the osaka aquirium)
(saw this when on our way...xD)
(woOTS at The enterance)

nywyas after that siteseeing i went for a little shopping at Namba street and bought my beloved Burberry BlackLabel.. whooooo damn happy
HEHE.. nICE hor...xD

1:03 AM; undramatically.Y

Saturday, October 18, 2008

wooTS happy get to online back..
yesterday line like shit keep dc...zzzZZZ

anyhow yesterday early morning did a flight and touch down at 10 am back to singapore
then went out with Fenglin to have brunch at tampines mall.. We went to a ramen shop and had our spicy ramen soup.. hehe..^^
Then wanted to go and catch maxpayne and pirce my ear but ended up reading books at library.. OMG i cant belive myself went dating with her but ended up bringing her to library...(haha i think this was my first time bringing my dates to library). ahem..>anyways let me tell you why we ended up to the library;
1st)>when we reach white sands shopping mall the rain started to pour from the skies so we cant walk to the downtown chatay cinema
2nd)>the taxi que was like super long too ok!
so thats why we ended up at the library. but hey we had fun there too..^^'
sadly she needs to head on home early cause she have a flight today early morning to beijing...well cant wait to meet her agin on our next off days..^^ so gonna miss her till then..
anyhow me myslef tomorrow earling morning will be leaving SG to Brisbane..
whooo~~ goonna meet my shuffling friend there hope got time to chiong club over there^^

8:31 PM; undramatically.Y

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WooTS i am bACK frm MOscOw..^^

love that trip alots.. everyone was super happening.


...gonna miss u all...

anyway lets talk somthing bout moscow.. hehe the country was nice though the weather was abit cold (2 celcius ~ 8 celcius) but overall it was not as cold as that time when i was at Adelaide... hehe

on the first day itself when we arrive we went ot for some italian food nearby our HOteL. oh yah our hotel was located nearby a olympic stadium. it was nice^^ anyways as i was saying we were on our way to the italian to have our dinner. The Food there was awsome nice but the sad thing was we waited for about an hour for our table sia..=.= but overall was a nice experiance though...
on our way to the italian restaurant pass through the olympic stadium

As our 2nd day we plan to head on to the red square and the flee market.. but before we head on to the red square we had our breakfast at hotel.. the buffet was ahem (so so oni bah) abit disapointed with it but overall with the jokes around us makes a good day to starts of.. hehe anyways than I head on with the trip to the red square with Pris, Audrey, Samuel n Prescila..

sadly the weather was not that promising it was raining on and of the whole time but anyhow it still was a nice trip to the red square...

here are some of the picture...>>

After the red square trip me and pris plan to head on to the flee market ,,, (pic from the flee markET)

thn we was like haha miss the shuttle bus back to the hotel... well not bad man i got myself a date at moscow haha... thn both of us when and explore abit the moscow town n than both of us took the metrol back to the hotel... [anyhow just wanna say that girl have a very good sense of direction] haha..=) anyhow Pris it was a nice trip with U..xD

weLL i guEss thats all about my moscow trip this time around

Anyhow my new roaster has came out and i was super happy cause i get to go to capetown and amsterdam next month.. woOTS>.^^ looking forward to that flight

6:29 AM; undramatically.Y

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WooTS ladIes n Gentalment I am back agin and this time i will try my best to post my blog as often as i could...

Hmm where do I start oh yah for all the readers info I am no longer staying in MALAYSIA and now curently and for my next few years future i will be staying at SINGAPORE(SG) for the time beeing.. For those who was wondering why do i stay in SG the reason was simple... i am now working at SG and i am working with SInGApore Airlines.. {hell yah i love this company alots and no doubt i got a job that not all can dream of...}

Is been at least half a year already since i left KUL and head on to my job. I have been missing and doing all the fun stuff with my friends back in KL as well as with my family. For a sec SG ppl are kinda very mean n hell yah they like to talk bad about you when you are not around n even u are their closes friend ever.... MAn tat was sick and i hate thoose type of ppl at first... anY how as time goes by, i learnt through experince haha and i mean i leearn alot!!! Acting is the most important tools of surviving if u are all alone into an unknown world and trust me u will experince it yourself when u work..^^ Acting in life is part of me now. Sometimes i nvr know who i am already and have been asking myslef is these realy me or wat???? i have been acting since the day i woke up till i head on to work and shut my eye during the night. Somtimes i have already use to these cultural and life on as a normal day in my life.. haha anyhow tat was the bad side of the sinGaporean ppl and hey there are aslo some good side of them too.. there are some of them who are not like that and hel yah there are fun to hang out with eventhough i dont hv that much time to hang out with them.. they can be as crazy as u wan them to be and they can also be the one siiting next to u and keep u warm all the time if u are down..!! man i love u all who are there for me when i was down i dedicate this to some of my closest friend .. too many of u all d cant say all the name but i hope tat u know who are u i am talking about^^ with most lOve of all frm me..^^

Nevertheless i am still me when i am in good or bad mode is just the personality of me as well as my perception has chaged abit from time to time.. And how for my old friends and bestties dont felt weird when u are talking to me as sometimes i might nag here n tre abit... haha..!!

wooTS lets talk bout my other part of me: i have been traveling alot since i join this company and for ur info i work as A cabin attendant for Singapore Airlines(SIA). i have been to alot of places already for example: All the part of Australia from Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, and to Sydney. Nevertheless i also been traveling to South Africa too which is Johensberg. As for Asia country i have been to Seoul which is in Korea; Narita, Tokyo, and Osaka in Japan, Jakarta, Bangkok, Hong Kong, as for India country i have been to Bangalore, Dhaka ( a bangaladesh country) as for states i so far travel to SanFransisco oni.. my upcoming flight i will head on to Moscow woots i cant wait to go tre.. heard it was a nice country..^^

Well so far i guess this is as far as i am gonna write here this time..^^
will try to post more often when i have tons of free time.. ( which i hope i will have)
will keep u all updatetd ...


12:16 AM; undramatically.Y


Weslly's egg CRACKED on twelve JulY! He DETESTS attending stupid and unnessary ocation .

WESLLY loves loves shufflinG and listening to trance/ hardbase.. HELl yah hardbs3 rulzzz!!! and loves going clubing..^^ love composing soNGS with HIs lovelY guiTAR! WooTS he LOve sayinG fuCK, CiBAI, and cursing like nobody business when he is IN BAD BAD MODE!

WESLLY absolutely HATES spamers and the EXTREME showoffer. He HATES people talk alot but DO little stuFF.. FCK ofF maN..!!

speak those words


fly away

~Wan Li~
~Yen PinG~
~YinG TinG~
~Zhi QinG~

sink back

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