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Friday, April 4, 2008

HEy hi agin to my blog.. lmAO.xD nyway is been awhile d since i blog after chinese new year..

oh yah guyz..!!! well i made up a dedication vedio for u all hope u all like it^^

Hmm on monday 31st went to HotEL maya at KL to spend anight with KC, JAMIE, PAULINE, WANLI(miricaly she din FFK US), AMBER.. too bad FIFI n MABLE cant make it.. well nyway had alot fun with them at tat hotel..^^ hehe tat hotel was like damn nice wei super huge due to free upgrade to deluxe suit haha thx to wanli..
hmm was like haha jamie own KC his 3 hour of his life due to jamie datang lambat cause over sleep.. LOL!!! haha was damn fun lah enjoy a night tre.... oh yah one more thing i offiicaily had an step mum and is WANLI..!!! yeh can call her mummy now hahahaaaa..!!!
during THenight after dinner at the italian restaurant at pavalion we had our night ons with some hard liquor at our room with our invited guest jeremy n shawn..!!! haha wwoh was like i was tipsy due to all atack me during tat game wei..!!! haha wanted to make me KO but too bad lah din realy manage but haha KC was like talk to his hand and next thing u know he vomit sia.... haha funny expresion on him tat time.. LOL!!!!
thn around 4 am watch food show with jamie n was like damn hungry wei..!!! lol

Wow time has pass so fast man and i mean is fast.. hehe i have gratuate from taylor's college d..^^ at last has pass the hard time of studies.. well haha wasnt tat bad after all can
VERY HONURABLE PASS for my result.. but din abit sad case lah... damn.. @#$#^$ can get the highest mention..TT sobs was like super no fair wei i get it for my trail wei and wat shock me the most was AMY got that mention.. i was like WTH..SHE!!!!!! argh damn piss off...
woopS haha dont care lah was like my fault too right look down on the hotel accomodation papper and turn out din study tat paper...( was like damn easy wei tat paper during trial...!! argh!! damn)
Haha nyway got to congratz IVY, JeSSY, JEREMY, RENNEL and alsO AMy lah for their hard woek and get the highest mention... wah sad case wei got to leave the college d cause i will be going to Singapore to work.. nwyay was like thx alot for all the good time i had at college with all my freinds..^^ gonna miss u all alots..!! THX FOR EVERY THING GUYZ!!!
nyway afTRER the result ceremony went to TGI friDAYS with jamie, kc and pauline n was like talking back all the sw33t memorable times during our life at college and was like wth 2 years college life pass so fast and i swer tat time i was emo wei cause of all the talkking of our college life..( wth i guess i emo alot nowadays..!! haha) well u guyz write a new story ahead for ur higher dip life yah..^^ n let me know in future when i am back for vacation... haha ps..=)..

with all my heart here gonna wish all of my college freinds all the best in ur future weather u guyz continue studies or not..^^

hmm lets see.....
oh yah before tat result ceremony, had dinner with our best lecture ever MR yeoh or french lecture.. he was liek damn super duper tripler horney wei with all his jokes..!! haha had a very fun dinner time with him and the calss mate..^^ lol kinda pitty pauline as she suddenlt beeing cha by him the whole night.. lol GHOST!!!! hahahahahhaha laugh till i drop wei and tat sago desert( lol wanli's MILK>>!!!! hahahaha) he is good wei with all his joke..., wonder how his GF stands him..!! haha must make a resarch on this wei.. so gonna!!
hmm after dinner was like we plan to go barcelona so send YeoH home and let him bath.. like wth he bath like girl wei.. so damn long..zzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz was like waited tre so damn freeking long till edmond call him.. LOL.. n wth go club ask us he wear slipper can anot?????? i was like WTFFFFFFFFFF first time meh???
thn like he dont care also lah thn we went barCelona.. haha wtF so damn fucking full wei!!! the quee was like super duper long.. n me jeremy n edmond say go lah go watch movie n yeoh was like alot hot chicks wei go meh??? lol ( funnY lah HIm) hmm
thn like we went movie lu watch tat stupid DEADLY GHOST..!!! was like the fcking lame wei tat movie..!!! sux to the max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! confirm... thn we went out early from tat cinema was like not even 1 hour.. ahaha thn went arcade.. lol......

6:49 PM; undramatically.Y


Weslly's egg CRACKED on twelve JulY! He DETESTS attending stupid and unnessary ocation .

WESLLY loves loves shufflinG and listening to trance/ hardbase.. HELl yah hardbs3 rulzzz!!! and loves going clubing..^^ love composing soNGS with HIs lovelY guiTAR! WooTS he LOve sayinG fuCK, CiBAI, and cursing like nobody business when he is IN BAD BAD MODE!

WESLLY absolutely HATES spamers and the EXTREME showoffer. He HATES people talk alot but DO little stuFF.. FCK ofF maN..!!

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