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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Woots tis CNY has pass 5 days already.. man time has pass so fast cant belive my pratical trial will be on next week monday... SAD case sia so fast... haha praticaly didnt even start studying yet also.. keke..
nYWAY during CNY had enjoy my time alot eating 24/7 wahhaaaa.. hmm miss all the food sia those cookies, mandrain and also all the foods i had.. delicious sia..^^ rely looking forward for another CNY.. gaga. haha to bad Ang pow tis year not much but hey who cares when nice food is in front of u.. hehe^^

First Yee sANg at Sunway Resort Hotel woots^^

The 2nd yeE SAng at The 2ND day Of Cny AT my daDs OffiCe Jap restaurant^^

3:54 PM; undramatically.Y


Weslly's egg CRACKED on twelve JulY! He DETESTS attending stupid and unnessary ocation .

WESLLY loves loves shufflinG and listening to trance/ hardbase.. HELl yah hardbs3 rulzzz!!! and loves going clubing..^^ love composing soNGS with HIs lovelY guiTAR! WooTS he LOve sayinG fuCK, CiBAI, and cursing like nobody business when he is IN BAD BAD MODE!

WESLLY absolutely HATES spamers and the EXTREME showoffer. He HATES people talk alot but DO little stuFF.. FCK ofF maN..!!

speak those words


fly away

~Wan Li~
~Yen PinG~
~YinG TinG~
~Zhi QinG~

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