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Thursday, January 31, 2008

WEDNESDAY~ 30th Jan 2008

NighT oUT at Kc's BirthdaYS party At TGI FRIdAYS SunWAY PYrAMID
AfteR our daily lAN claSS which is tat Mr. ADrian class we went to sunway pyramid to celebrate KC's birthday with the total number of 9 of us which is :
  1. the birthday boy itself
  2. M3
  3. FiFI
  4. Adrian
  5. Jamie
  6. pauliNE
  7. mabl3
  8. Amb3r
  9. Renelle

    the food quality control in sunway TGI fridAys was totaly sux and is beyond lower thn my expectation... SERIOUSLY!!!! dont ever go TRE and EAT THE FOOD.... is super SUX!!!!!.. haha... after the food eating section i will nvr forget tat ever in my life which is the photo-horror section (i guess was the effect of to much lemon =).... haha lots and lots of pose has been taken around the whole nighT... woots was kiNDa fun though haha .. to much eye catching in tgi firdays itself... woots..^^

    hmmm come to think of it,,, haha tat fifi wanted to vomit 3 times first when the food come, the is after he finishes his meal and lastly during kC's eating cake time...( hmm kC's eating style was kinda disgusting though...) i guess fifi has pragnet symptoms i guess.. muhahaha^^ .. hey come to think of it.. kinda remeber 2 person bump into the party tat was so not invited by all of us... was kinda super weird when they arrive nyway they has thick face i guess tats wats makes them have super duper face problem..=( was like totaly so not cool for them to be tre.......
PIcS from tat night^^

THE birthday boy^^
( Such a lovely match haha =)

ADrian the posser of the night... SAlute him=.^

JAmi3 anD m3..^^

PauliNE n MabL3

Ren3ll3 n Jami3

I am spechles bout tis... haha=.=

Nyway Kc hope u enjoy the night..^^ ones agin u are 1 year older...

11:15 PM; undramatically.Y

Monday, January 28, 2008

haizzz wat a day..... lol come to think of it tis mornig wake up till now din put anything into my mouth yet... haha basicaly skip brekfast, lunch, dinner and now supper too... rely boh mode to eat sia..... like wtf damn piss off with my dad... for my first time i rely stand infront of him and scold F*** off... haizzz kinda abit regreat to tell him tat in front of his face...
nyway... was like kinda damn fcking piss off with him and his stupid atidute d... arggHHHHHH rely taK nolEH taHAN D!!!!!!!!
kinda wish i can rely finish my studies now and move out from this live i am having... no idea will i regreat it anot but well lke ppl say will not know till we try it by ourself... well just need to let time and decide wat rely happen next....
haizzz kinda miss the days when i was small,,, no problems with family and life... everyday wake up and enjoy the day with all fun and laughter... lolxx wish tat there is rely a button to press and turn back the time the way i ones i live happily in it... somtimes i rely do feel tat i am rely an extra person in tis family.... nyway looking back all tis times will not rely help alot as time pass more and more trouble will bump onto tis world in our daily live.... ARGHHH!!!!!!!! everyday now wake up just like woking up in hell oni... lollxxx come to think of it was like nvr had a rely good time enjoying my morning for like damn damn long d....
now my live is like a time bomb where i myslef also dont even know when it will explode... haizz stress like hell sia!!!!...
last time when i was stress i use to shuffle till like nobody busniness with all the full blast hardbase songs.. now i dont even hv mode to shuffle anymore... haizz rely feel like giving up tis live d.. lolx ever think of commting sucide????? telling my self tat since like damn long d... tell the truth i cant rely running away frm problems.... hiazz problems are damn heavy on my life sia... TT lolx wat will happen next thn.... i cant rely imagine i guess..

12:03 AM; undramatically.Y

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

LOL...... atettend tat Adrian so call Malaysia studies( aka sejarah) haha was like taking up to 2 hrs of our time just for 2 slides of notes.. xDD he was like talking grandmother and grandfather story the whole time (nyway he was a good actor as in the feminine type of moves hahaha) funny lecture wiich praise himself alotsss... cant belive will sik to tis guy for like the whole term.... swt!!! haiz.. =.=lll

sobs... after class was like tumpang mable's car to sunway pyramid... (THX YAH MABLE..!!) swt cut my hair till so short... sobs!! miss my lovely finge and my long hair sia... ASS friends as well as hole go laugh till the whole jorney to our shuffling place... Fck U guyS..!!! is not fuNNy.~ try cut u guys hair shoRt lah,,,,,, nyway hope it will grow long asap.. miss it sia..T.T



BasciCaly haS chage my weB Song to trance beat.. haha hope u all LIke it.. is a song by cascada and speacial remix from..W***** hehe hope u all like it


haiz.... wat a day.. went to college the first word saiD was ciBAi.... haha was like cibai here and trE cause fcking forgotten bout going jamIE dinner and was like short of 2 guest.. haiz.. was like looking here and tre for like fcking hoursss haha would rely thank mable, shi shi(nvr find her unless last resort d) and arnold(hmm wondering when they will break agin) nyway...

Hiaz... stress like fcking ass bitch cibai.... sohai... ARGHHH wat ever badword in th world plss come INNN this page....

Fcking ass timetable the sohai collge give... pack it like hell... and like wtFFF no break for a week was like since term 4 till now.... cibai college.... and need to attenat tomorrow WEDNESDAY CIBAi malaysia study... at first was like so happy taught dont hv tat sbjt ..... mana tahu tiba tiba add in./??? in our time slot at wednesday... FCK man some more is 4pm till 6pm haizzz.... jam like fuckinG helLL......

haiz wat a tERm tis semaster... wat can come worst.... haiz cuRST alot siA todaAYYYY!!!! haha
hmm tat Wan LI was like damn funny.. saying cibai not suitable in the words cause like was cursing from 12pm till NOW!!!!!! haha... call me chage mahai instead of cibai... nyway was kinda weird to say mahai.. was like need to turn the mouth to anoter slang if when cursing.... in conclusion .. cibai still better>>>!!!!! haha.....


12:46 AM; undramatically.Y


Weslly's egg CRACKED on twelve JulY! He DETESTS attending stupid and unnessary ocation .

WESLLY loves loves shufflinG and listening to trance/ hardbase.. HELl yah hardbs3 rulzzz!!! and loves going clubing..^^ love composing soNGS with HIs lovelY guiTAR! WooTS he LOve sayinG fuCK, CiBAI, and cursing like nobody business when he is IN BAD BAD MODE!

WESLLY absolutely HATES spamers and the EXTREME showoffer. He HATES people talk alot but DO little stuFF.. FCK ofF maN..!!

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fly away

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