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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well a boring day today turn out to be a fun night when i got back from STC..

After coming back from STC was like planing to order MCD online for my lunch and dinner meal at 4pm...xD thn suddenlt emily open my room door and ask me wanna follow her out to town joining Kester and Glenn and thn qian hwei also follow along.. hehe!!

From a MCD meal turn out eating japanese food at sushi tei at orchard parragon..LOL nyways oh yah i also did a little shopping at parragon which is buying my tool kit for my work at MUJI and bought a christmas song CD...
After the dinner we head on to play board game.. sorry cant remember the name of the shop but was located near CRew Room..( was suppose to go there last night but too lazy to club last night) nwyays we play alot game over there and was like damn funny luh and weend our day having tau fu fah.. haha is damn nice luh cause i hvn eatten any tau fu fah since came singapore ok..!! still malaysian 1 rocks cause here got no brown sugar 1( gula melaka)...xD

Oh yah tomorrow will be heading to jakarta in the afternoon and coming back during the night before heading to Zurich on the next day.. hoho will be spending some white christmas thesse year too cause most of the country will be snowing during DEC... haha!!! damn nice..

3:29 AM; undramatically.Y

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is been wonderfull night out with Sharoon and Shirley though Nikko( sharoon frind's) cant make it but anyways it was still a wonderfull night with those 2 girls..xD
We went to Fashion bar last night and was actually a meet up set by sharoon for me to meet DJ Kervin as she knows i wanna spin as a part timr DJ in clubs.. well every thing went on smoothly and it was a fun night hanging out and listening to Dj Kervin , DJ William and DJ Max spinning through the night.. haha i did spin some song too but it was almost at the end of the session where Max was spinning trance and it was my field too..!! Spinning on the Dj platform was damn nice and the feeling was like haha cant explain...

anywyas as plan i will start spining in clubs next year joining DJ kervin groups and wacking clubs around SG next year in a meanwhile i was plan to hangout a liittle while with them this year to get to know more about the system uses in SG...(hopefully everything will went according to plans... hehe)

Cheers thats all for now, oh yah tomorrow i will be going back to STC for my review, and hopefully it will be a nice and smooth 1..xD nyways i still deciding what to wear tomorrow....LOL!!! ( now a days i kinda abit picky on what i wanna wear ) well i guess human do change even in a short while...xD

Last and not for less, Chritmass is coming and OMG is my first time spending chritmas away from my family members and my friends in Malaysia. At first i was planing to throw a party at my house at SG and hopefully there are not much ppl flying on that day and if not i guess will be spending chrtimas at clubs d this year.. HOHOHO

11:48 PM; undramatically.Y

Friday, November 21, 2008


ones agin i fall in love with Jay Chow new song album 魔杰座 ( Capricon) is damn damn damn nice... whooo~~ for those who hvn buy his album and love lisenting to his song please go and buy and please please please dont download.!! support HIM!!! hahaha either way his album outlook is damn cool too k...^^

haha nwyays is another kinda boring day for me in singapore agin... went to baught ticket to go back malaysia and haha turn out shop a little in G2000 and bought my new winter jacket.... (ps by right was looking for new jeans but turn out bought a new jacket..xD)

11:55 PM; undramatically.Y

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Such a boring 2 days as i was in standby and was not called up.but hey was kinda fun though slacking at home watching back all my anime... hehe^^ {overalll was still in boring mode though...}xD
Come to think it i was kinda lazy to post up my amsterdam phot at the moment cause abit lazy and dont know wanna post which pic as i hv total more thn 300pics...LOL!!!
Anyhow in amsterdam was a nice and enjoyable flight as the crew was happening and haha finally flew with 1 crew who is younger thn me...Wohohoho!!
Amsterdam redlight district was like damn nice though^^ haha alot alot things to see compare to the 1 in Paris....xD...
Haha i also even had magicmushroom.... (ps: for those who does not know wat it is let me brifly explain to u as it is like some sort of drug which say will bring up our inner mode of ourslef..) though we all bought oni 1 muffin and share among us..... hehe..
Ok last few days program was not much went clubbing on Firday night and was like shit luh no more free enterance for guys crew d at ZOUK oni for female... haiz but though was ok lah that night.. DIn dance much as turn out chating with all the new friends that meet on that day... haha nt realy that preety though some of them but ok lah better thn nothing...xD (bleuK..+.<)
Oh yah planing to spin in club next year hopefully everything will turns out right but first need to buy back alot stuff for example need to buy a few latest record as mine was kinda out date for sometime d but still can use lah... haha!! nwyays do support me yah next year if i spin..^^..whohohohohoho~~
nwyays waiting time to pass now... will post up more photo ASAP!! gege but for those who wanna view that badly can pm me at MSN as i can share the folder woots...

10:05 PM; undramatically.Y

Monday, November 3, 2008

wooo CPT is a nICE place to visit man seriously put it on ur vacation list u must..

I fall in love with the place as the beach and all the mountians senery was so so so damn nice. Man i took alot photo frm there and u know what i did..:


seriously i realy regrated what i did as all my nice memories on lies on my brian to be refresh oni... damn all the nice pic i ever took was gone within just a sec.. CAN U BELIVE THIS!!!
i realy hate myself for this.


as for some of the crew who took pic with my camera I am so so so sorry as i cant sent u all the pic that i promise... thousands time a sorry frm me and i do mean it..!! (ps. hopefully u guys wont mind sending me urs as part of my memories with u guys out there) was realy very fun to hang out with u guys seriously i did not take so much pic of me with a crew before as u guys was the first in my list....

and to all my friends i am so sorry as i cant show u the pic frm CPT this soon yet....

till THN cheers will blog agin sooner when my mood is back...xD

oh yah my next flight is to AMS(amsterdam wohohoho holland here i come..xD)

10:26 PM; undramatically.Y

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TOnight have to Report for duty to CapetOwn...
looKING forwrd to go to the safari...
heard was damn nice.
hopefully when come back to singapore my flue will hv been revocer.

8:02 PM; undramatically.Y

WooTS i am back frm osaka ladies and gentalment..xD(soory for the delay actualy was back 4 days ago n tomorrow will be leaving to capetown.. hehe)

Is a super duper nice flight to do sia!!!

The first day we touch down we went to one ramen shop oppostie our hotel hmm cant realy remember the shop name nwyays the black pork was like super duper nice ok..(ps forgot bring camera so no pic..) nywyas we went on do our short grocery shopping and buy water... THn during the midnight time i call my 2 crew to go out and have supper..

Just for your info,, Japan is a country u must eat 24/7 if u are on holiday.. the food are super duper nice eventhough i been there so many times. i still will eat none stop at japan... gosh hope din gain unnessary weight...

nwyays on the 2nd day me, betty and one more crew went to the osaka aquirium(gosh forgot her name sry). it was a fun place to visit and there was like so many student tre k!!!! DAMN NOSIY!!!..xD
(on my way to the osaka aquirium)
(saw this when on our way...xD)
(woOTS at The enterance)

nywyas after that siteseeing i went for a little shopping at Namba street and bought my beloved Burberry BlackLabel.. whooooo damn happy
HEHE.. nICE hor...xD

1:03 AM; undramatically.Y


Weslly's egg CRACKED on twelve JulY! He DETESTS attending stupid and unnessary ocation .

WESLLY loves loves shufflinG and listening to trance/ hardbase.. HELl yah hardbs3 rulzzz!!! and loves going clubing..^^ love composing soNGS with HIs lovelY guiTAR! WooTS he LOve sayinG fuCK, CiBAI, and cursing like nobody business when he is IN BAD BAD MODE!

WESLLY absolutely HATES spamers and the EXTREME showoffer. He HATES people talk alot but DO little stuFF.. FCK ofF maN..!!

speak those words


fly away

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~Yen PinG~
~YinG TinG~
~Zhi QinG~

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